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Прошивка BIG Jambox

Сложно сравнивать качество звука с какими-нибудь более профессиональными и менее портативными системами, но играет MINI точно лучше, чем стандартные колонки моего ноутбука, например. ФЧХ грамотная только у большого jawbone. Качество связи… сносное если честно, отвратительное, чтобы меня было слышно, нужно сидеть очень близко , но мы здесь не для этого собрались. Значок возле иконки Bluetooth показывает уровень заряда. Using samples, Unsigned bit PCM, Mono, you can hear most of the sounds. Оказывается, ребята выпускают ещё и портативную аудиотехнику — bluetooth-гарнитуры и динамики.

Устанавливаем микропрограмму в BIG Jambox

  1. Скачиваем и устанавливаем AndroidAPKdriver.exe и набор ADB утилит.
  2. С помощью кабеля подключаем BIG Jambox к компьютеру, проверяем в "Диспетчере устройств" наличие нашего гаджета.
  3. Запускаем коммандную строку из папки C:\FastBoot и далее выполняем программу fastboot.exe для начала процесса прошивки BIG Jambox.

Review: Jawbone BIG Jambox

Two additional buttons mounted on the side include a power button and a pairing button. The power button changes color to indicate various states of the unit, including charging, syncing, and pairing. This unit works on the Bluetooth 2.

Wireless range of the portable speaker claims to reach a minimum of 33 feet; in my testing, this seems to be a valid statistic. While using this over Bluetooth, some other devices seem to produce a slight amount of barely audible static.

The audio from the unit is very well balanced with vibrant highs, distinct mids, and for a portable speaker powerful lows. Other genres of music of music are equally impressive, and most listeners will be more than impressed with the audio quality. The only wish I have for the unit is stronger bass, but it should be known that I am a bass junky with the knob turned all the way to max on most of my speakers.

The unit can reach a maximum volume of decibels, easily filling a large indoor space or medium sized outdoor space. The speaker just keeps chugging on without stop. I began to wonder if the unit was battery powered or secretly powered by nuclear rods.

Features The BIG Jambox has two major features that Jawbone hopes will help the unit stand out and justify its value. The first feature is known as LiveAudio. It should be noted that to experience LiveAudio properly, you must be seated in front of the speaker; it is not suited well for a party of people.

The microphone integrated into the unit is clear and perfect for making calls, no matter what direction the unit is facing. In addition, the audio is прошивка BIG Jambox and balanced, with LiveAudio presenting an exciting way to listen to your favorite classical concerts. If you are looking for a smaller sized speaker to thrown in your bag the original Jambox, Monster iClarity HD, or Logitech Mini Boombox will suit you well.

See you later, readers! BIG Jambox bluetooth Featured Jawbone Portable Speaker About the Author Michael Archambault was an associate editor at Pocketables. He is a coder, a thinker, and a dreamer who lives on the "Microsoft side of life.

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